LDCN’s Theory of Change is based on the idea that no single project or approach is sufficient to change the trajectory of development towards a more just, egalitarian and ecological pathway. The world is made up of a diversity of complex social challenges that do not have linear or straightforward solutions. Furthermore, our actions inevitably have unintended consequences that can literally and figuratively shift landscapes in positive and negative ways. This is not to suggest that development is futile or that is should be reserved for experts. On the contrary, for development to shift towards a more generative and sustainable pathway, it requires us to individually and collectively work together and collaborate on the diversity of challenges our world faces. It requires us to deeply listen and engage in meaningful dialogue. It requires us to be flexible and adaptable and be open to change and new perspectives. It requires us to tread lightly, foster personal insight and hold our opinions softly. Perhaps most importantly, it means building empathetic relationships, recognizing our power and using it in generative ways, and finally practicing a radical love for each other and life in all its forms. Building off these ideas LDCN see itself as a bridging organization in a broader movement and ecosystem of change.

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Individual Scale

Foster personal growth and insight into ourselves;

Help develop critical change makers;

Engage in dialogue around our values and behaviors;

Foster meaningful and empathetic relationships.

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Top Down Change

Inform policy through meaningful research;

Harness power and leverage resources for meaningful local projects & initiatives;

Participate in dialogue and conversations about social justice and sustainable development.

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Bottom - Up Change

Implement locally based community development projects;

Mobilize and empower marginalized communities;

Build community capacity, foster collective learning and take greater responsibility in the development process.


Global Scale

Build a collaborative global network of projects;

Enhance understanding on our global interconnectedness;

Foster awareness and learning around global development goals, issues and approaches

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Bridging the Gaps

LDCN is uniquely positioned to serve as a bridging organization in that is embedded in a broader network that spans across the world and the diversity of people that live in it (breadth). Furthermore, we also have fostered meaningful connections (depth) with a number of organizations and communities through the world. As such not only can we affect change at an individual and community level but we can also participate and contribute to change at a broader global level. As LDCN continues to implement and support projects around the world we are also constantly looking for how we can advance our broader theory of change. If you would like to get involved and contribute to our Theory of Change or become part of our broader network please contact us for more information!